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the company is a productive enterprise of specialized in product metal drawbench and deep process of bimetal compound wire . and now the company innovates copper clad aluminum wire on the basis of copper clad steel wire, producing wire size of only 0.08mm wire is all right. now the copper clad aluminum wire, replacing steel wire, can be used in coaxial cable, information transmission cable, shielding wire, telephone wire, controlling cable, net wire and other aspect. and at the present time it enters into other area, such as electronics, computers communication and so on.

copper clad aluminum is a kind of aluminum-matrix, the outer coating of copper. aluminum core and brass, and copper on the outside, inside aluminum core removal of oxide film will be pressed into brass aluminum core, the stretched or rolled so that between the solid brass and aluminum core combination, pull into the required dimensions, among them the formation of a permanent metallurgical bonding between atoms of the bi-metallic, surface shiny, round sharp, defect-free. it is the stability of conductive properties of copper and aluminum high-quality low-cost energy, with lower contact resistance, combined with a new conductor materials as a whole. fully replace copper, copper accounted for 40% of the proportion of aluminum accounted for 60% of the proportion of the same standard cases, pure copper is 2.5 times the length, carrying capacity is 85% copper row, choose slightly bigger size can be completely to achieve the same current carrying capacity, in line with customer needs in diameter and mechanical and electrical properties of technical requirements.

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